The soccer world is always moving and there are players being dealt every single day and it’s very difficult to keep up with all of the transactions. There have been some notable signings by some great teams in the past couple days that I feel are worth taking a quick look at.

I found the most notable signing to be Evander Sno who was just resigned back with his former club of Ajax. After leaving for Celtic FC the Ajax team has brought Sno back to Amsterdam for at least three years. Sno who is only twenty one years old has a lot too prove this year and needs to showcase his talent more then he has in the past. Sno doesn’t have too much experience yet, but he actually was blessed with the pleasure of playing for the Dutch at the recent Beijing Olympics.

Jerome Thomas is the second notable signing that took place recently, and he was signed by Portsmouth. The twenty five year old who was a trainee with Arsenal was pronounced traded to Portsmouth just the other day. The reason he was traded was because Premiership teams are only allowed to have two temp signings. It should be interesting too see if Thomas can start a nice career in Portsmouth and he won’t have long to do so as his contract is only for one year.

These are the two signings that I wanted to share with you guys today and I will try making a weekly post from now on listing the week’s transactions. It won’t be a complete list by any stretch, but I’ll make sure to try and include more then there is in, in this instalment.


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