Juventus will be in great shape to make their first UEFA Champions League since way back in 2005 and we’ll know today whether or not they will move on. In the third leg of the qualifying matches Juventus was able to beat FC Artmedia Petrzalka by the score of 4-0. They will need to perform the exact same way that they did in the first match too move on, and I don’t see any problems with that happening. They showed that they are ready to play this year and I don’t think they have the slightest of chances of losing there birth into the Champions League this year.

Artmedia who will have the home crowd behind them will need to have the performance of a lifetime if they want to move on past Juventus. Back in 2005 Artmedia was able to shock the world with there monster defeat of Celtic FC in the second round qualifier and they’ll need another miraculous performance like that game against Juventus.

Del Piero had a really nice goal in the first game and he’ll look to add to his tally in the second match. He knows that his team is sitting in a great position right now, but he knows they can’t lose focus and get conceded. All they need to do is plat mediocre soccer in the final match and they’ll be able to seal the deal on there fate this year in the UEFA Champions League.


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