Serie A fans use to have the pleasure of watching much more fierce competition, especially back in the 90’s when there we’re always seven teams battling for the Scudetto. This year there will be four teams chasing the champions for the title and it should make it a little more interesting then past seasons. FC Internazionale Milano has won the past four straight championships and this year there will be four teams looking to end this streak. I’m sure everyone except for Milano fans are getting a little tired of seeing the same team take home the title each season.

Inter has been working on strengthening their squad and with a couple new arrivals and the new coach they’ll be looking to dethrone the champs. Mancini is probably the biggest name to arrive to Inter this off-season and it has hopes high for all of their fans.

Roma which has been the second place team for two years running now has added three new great players into the mix this season. Baptista has been the most notable signing and many including Roma coach expect him to take Roma into the gold medal spot.

Milan has been signing talent all off-season including Zambrotta and Ronaldinho. With a lot of man power I expect them to make it deep this season while remaining in contention, and possibly even a birth in the championships to battle for the Scudetto.

Parma who has always been somewhat in the mix near the end of the season has added some nice young talent to the team. I don’t expect them to battle with the top three though this year again and they’ll most likely end up with fourth or fifth in my opinion. Not enough man power yet and still an uphill climb for this team.

Juventus again doesn’t look confident enough or strong enough to compete for the Scudetto and I don’t think they’ll make an appearance in the top three either. You never know what Juventus could pull out of the box though and that’s why there always on everyone’s list for teams to watch for.


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