Liverpool has suffered a major letdown as their captain, Steven Gerrard, told the team today that he won’t be able to suit up for the game against Manchester United this Saturday. The reason behind the decision is because he is still recovering from surgery he had due to a groin injury. He had previously not given many details about the injury, but has now revealed that he had to take several painkillers before games in order to deal with the immense pain as he helped Liverpool qualify for the Champions League. The injury was very painful and the procedure has helped, but he still needs to heal in order to avoid risking hurting himself again.

The news comes as a big blow to Liverpool as they face the defending Premier League champions, but they know that for the long run Gerrard is making the better choice. More importantly, Gerrard knows that sitting this one out will be a lot better for his health over the years and he doesn’t want to risk his future well being because of the game. He did say that he hopes to be back for the next game though.

Liverpool will just have to cope without Gerrard as well as Fernando Torres, who is also out due to an injury (to his hamstring.) Manchester United are clear favorites after the injury, but as we all know, anything can happen in soccer.


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