Theo Walcott is well known in the soccer world and was most famously known at as young age for being taken to the World Cup and not used at all. Now Theo is a bit older and more experienced after spending two-and-a-half years with Arsenal. Theo who is only nineteen years old is looking to become the next Ronaldo, but do it in his own way, and he is very keen on doing it his way. England plays Croatia tomorrow in the group six qualifier and Walcott will be looking to lead his team into a victory.

A lot of controversy has revolved around some of the things that Walcott is lacking and the one thing a lot of us are concerned about is his final ball from the flank. He’s a very speedy winger and can run with the best of them and should wreak havoc for the Croatia defence. Walcott has mentioned that he has been working on his final ball every single day at training and that he has been getting a lot better at it. He also mentioned that he does have quite a few assists already and that people shouldn’t be as worried about his final ball, and hopefully he prove this to us all tomorrow.

Walcott started once out as a striker and then didn’t move to winger until he moved to Arsenal, and now he says that winger comes naturally to him. He had great coaching with Arsenal and all of that great coaching has lead to Walcott becoming a much better player. His touch has only been improving over the past couple years and he wants to prove this to the world against Croatia tomorrow.


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