Stiliyan Petrov is a Bulgarian midfielder who has been one of Villa’s best players, and the team is looking to tie him down to a longer-term contract. Villa Park has been doing there best lately to get all of their best players tied down to longer contracts. It shows that they are very confident and pleased with their current situation and would like to keep the same atmosphere around the field.

Petrov didn’t play well when he started playing at Villa Park and didn’t have a great introduction to his career, but he has now begun establishing himself as a key player on the team. His improvements have stood out to the management on Villa and there now in talks about a new contract. There is still two years left on Petrov’s contract so there isn’t too much of a rush to get him signed, but they want to nail him down before anyone else tries contacting him.

The midfielder who is only twenty nine years old right now has told his representative that he would love to stay for the long-term with Villa Park and is open to any and all contract suggestions from their side. Aston Villa has made a pleasant live for Petrov and he has no plans of leaving unless he is asked to which doesn’t look like it will be a factor or problem for him. His hopes are to sit down and sign a new contract before the end of this season which in my opinion would be perfect timing for both Petrov and the team.


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