Manchester City has made quit a splash in the news recently after being taken over by the very-rich Abu Dhabi United group. The takeover has sparked speculation that City will be a big competitor in the near future due to the huge amount of resources it now has at its disposal. As with any new owner, there are questions about possible management changes.

Mark Hughes insists that his job is not at stake and that he will still be making all football-related decisions for the team. This includes financial moves including transfers. Hughes was very excited about his new situation, which is understandable considering the large influx of transfer cash the team is expected to receive from its new owners.

With the big money comes big expectations and City fans are awaiting a bright future. Hughes went as far as to suggest they are the hot ticket in town as they play another rich club in Chelsea. Sir Alex Ferguson of defending champion Manchester United, laughed off such a notion believing that their game with Liverpool is still bigger. Ferguson was joking about Hughes, saying that he better check what he had for breakfast because something is wrong with him. It is a harsh thing to say, but at the moment Ferguson does have the right to say it considering the track record of his team and the caliber of his players opposed to that of Manchester City. Hughes will still probably retaliate and it will be interesting to see as this rivalry progresses throughout the year.


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