Chelsea started out their Champions League quest on a very bright note with an expected, but still stunning victory over Bordeaux. A goal by Frank Lampard during the 19th minute only began the domination by the Blues. The momentum continued to build throughout the game and culminated into very happy celebration once the game went final.

Joe Cole, Florent Malouda, and Nicolas Anelka scored the other three goals for Chelsea in a great show by both the offense and defense. Yet after the game ended, manager Luiz Felipe Scolari down played the victory with reporters, saying that the team did still make mistakes and they would work on them. It may see like an unappreciative comment, but perhaps Scolari is actually doing the smart thing by not letting his emotions overtake the hard work that is necessary for the championship.

He is definitely going to show his players their mistakes and tell them that they still have a long while to go. Bordeaux is not nearly as hard as some of the challenges the Blues will face and the players need to keep that in mind. Chelsea is really in it to win the Champions League and/or the Premier League and anything less would most probably be viewed as a disappointment. Scolari is just trying to secure a fate that is better than those of some of his predecessors.


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