So, BBC reports that referee Rob Styles apologized to Bolton for awarding Ronaldo a phantom penalty kick which resulted in the team’s loss to Manchester United last weekend. As it was obvious to most during the game, Ronaldo put his diving skills to work to earn the call from Styles who somehow committed a major blunder that resulted in Bolton losing the contest with a 2-0 score. Apparently, the referee called Bolton to apologize for the mistake.

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson praised Styles for admitting his mistake. Needless to say, Bolton officials did not share his enthusiasm and blasted the referee for his incompetence. And I don’t blame them.

In soccer, a one goal lead can totally changes the game. The losing team has to start taking more chances in an effort to get the equalizer. This, of course, makes the team more vulnerable to counter attacks. For Bolton, being in this situation and having to play against one of the most expensive and talented teams in Manchester United only made things more difficult, if not impossible for them. So, the fact that they are pissed off with Style’s mistake is understandable.

Funny thing about all this is that the Professional Game Match Official Board (PGMO) will not punish Styles for his mistake. Why bother anyways? In a week, most people will have forgotten of Style’s incompetence. Not to mention that they are likely to be busy with the next referee whose one-sided calls ruin another game.

Maybe it is about time that video judges are brought into the game so that critical mistakes such as that of Styles do not determine the outcome of soccer games.


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