Olympiakos soccer club logoOlympiakos Piraeus proved once more that when playing at home they are unbeatable; and if the visiting team are not careful, things can get very ugly for them. Benfica were one of those unfortunate teams today as they came to Karaiskaki stadium to play Ernesto Valverde’s side in the third leg of the group stage of the UEFA Cup competition. An unstoppable Greek side destroyed an obviously hapless Benfica with a final score of 5-1.

Argentina’s Galletti was the first to score with less that a minute played. The midefielder is one of Olympiako’s best players and he showed it for the 70 minutes that he played today. Other than his quick goal, Galletti also assisted two other goals. The young Brazilian striker Diogo Luis Santo scored two magnificent goals to add to those goals scored by Patsatzoglou and Fernando Belluschi.

Olympiakos played an incredible game with continuous pressing, excellent passing, and perfect finishing. Benfica was at a complete loss very early in the game as the Greek team managed to go ahead 3-0 in only 24 minutes of play. Considering the overall excellence in play by the Greek side, it is hard to imagine how any other team could have resisted them. Benfica were unfortunate to have a game against a team thirsty for success in European competitions. Don’t forget that Olympiakos has won the Greek championship 11 times in the last 12 years and they are ahead of the pack in the standings this year as well. I am curious to see if the team can continue to perform this well throughout the season.


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