Can anyone stop Barcelona this year? Sure, they had a slow start but boy are they making up for it recently?

Barcelona crashed Deportivo La Coruna 5-0 on Saturday to take a huge lead in the standings over rival Real Madrid; in fact, they are 15 points ahead with a game on hand. The emphatic victory also means that Barcelona now holds the record for the most points earned in the first half of the Primera Division. Their tally this year is 50 points or 2 points over the previous record.

Messi was first to open the score in the 21st minute of the game. Henry and Eto’o added 2 goals each in the remaining time to make a victory into a triumph. I suspect that Eto’o will probably get into trouble once more at the end of the season like he did a few years ago when he declared,”Madrid, cabron, saluda al campeon!


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