David Beckham AC MilanDavid Beckham’s return to the MLS after what was supposed to be a brief stint at Serie A is turning into a Greek tragedy as the player wants to stay in Europe and LA Galaxy wants him back to the USA in March. I should remind you that David has been in Italy since December on loan until March 9, 2009.

A few days ago, Beckham expressed openly for the first time his desire to remain with AC Milan. His decision is mostly driven by his hope to make a return with England’s 2010 World Cup squad in a last effort for the superstar to conquer the only tournament that has eluded him and his England mates for so long. And everything looks good for the aging midfielder considering that England manager Fabio Capello has called him back to the squad for the friendly game against Spain this coming week.

AC Milan are also very happy with the addition of the English soccer star who has risen from the dead (so to speak) to give the Italian club much hope for a strong finish to the second half of Serie A. The Italians have remained undefeated since Beckham’s debut with the team with the Englishman scoring 2 goals and assisting one more. As a result, Milan have recently attempted to buy Beckham from Galaxy offering somewhere between 10 and 20 million dollars. LA Galaxy refused this offer although but my guess is that they are just holding back for more money. Why not? Both the player and his new team have expressed their desire to keep the man in Europe so it makes sense for Galaxy to try and make the most money possible from the inevitable deal.

LA pays Beckham 6.5 million dollars a year to play in MLS. Not that the player’s 18 months in North America have helped his team on the pitch; it is now three years in a row that Galaxy has failed to make the playoffs. But the team is certainly making a pretty penny overcharging fans for tickets. If the team loses David Beckham, then they have to find some other way to excuse the high ticket prices; they definitely cannot do it on team performance since they literally suck monkey balls.

At the end of the day, it really looks like Beckham will join the many other soccer stars who went to North America in hopes of popularizing the game of soccer. And like all others, he has failed to help make the MLS anything more than just a footnote in American sports.


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