Pierluigi CollinaAfter Platini suggesting last week that adding an additional 2 referees should eliminate most referee mistakes in soccer, another great of the game, former referee Pierluigi Collina has expressed his support for a new card of orange color.

According to the current soccer rules, a referee can issue a yellow or a red card to a player who is dangerous on the field or has committed a violation against the play of the game worth discipline as described in the game’s rules. Now Collina says that there are situations in which neither a yellow nor a red card are appropriate disciplinary measure and so he want to introduce a new orange card that would punish a player with a temporary penalty and ejection from the field of play. This sin-bin would be similar to penalties in hockey in which players have to spend a few minutes in the penalty box while their team plays with a man down for the duration. Collina says that the idea has the backing of UEFA President Michel Platini and he is trying to encourage the Italian league to be the first to test the new card system.

So, what do I think about this new card idea? I think that its introduction will do nothing more than add more controversy to the game of soccer. People argue to death over yellow and especially red cards. Making the referee decide over 3 cards will only blur the lines of what offense each card applies to. In other words, expect even more complaining and interruptions during soccer games if this orange card is introduced to the game.


2 Responses to “Orange card in soccer”

  1. brandon on April 28th, 2009 6:26 pm

    I personally like the idea… I received MANY red cards in my day. Some warranted and some not. An orange card would have been much better in about 60% of those instances. The other 40 was just me being stupid

  2. Paul on August 27th, 2011 6:48 pm

    I think soccer needs an orange card because the difference between a yellow and red is so huge. Yellow cards may not change the game at all, but red cards often change the game drastically. But instead of a sin-bin, I see the player being ejected, _with_ someone allowed to replace him.

    As for the arguing bit, I think this could still help: with this change you would probably see fewer reds handed out, which get the whole team upset because they know it’s so serious. Instead, the player gets punished more than the teammates, which is fair.

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