Pavel Nedved soccer playerNedved announced shortly after his team’s loss to Chelsea for the Champions League that he plans to retire from soccer at the end of the 2008-09 Serie A season. The Juventus midfielder has been playing in Serie A since 1996 when he transferred from Sparta Prague to Lazio. In 2001, he signed with Juventus and he has remained there over the years leading the team to win Serie A titles and the Champions League final which his team lost to Milan in penalty kicks. The Czech international won the Ballon d’Or (or European footballer of the year) in 2003.

Pavel Nedved also had 91 caps with the Czech national team which he retired from in 2006. Aged 36, Nedved thought it best to retire at the end of the season regardless of his team’s performance in Serie A and Champions League even though he hopes that his club will be able to win one of the two titles in the next 3 months. Most recently, Juventus lost 1-0 to Chelsea in the first leg of the Champions League’s round of 16. With the second game at home, it makes sense for Nedved to be hopeful that he and his teammates will be able to overcome this obstacle and move on to the next round, 3 games before the big final.

It will be sad to have another of the great soccer players of this last generation retire but nobody can play forever and I really don’t want to see Nedved dragging his feet on the pitch. So, his decision makes lots of sense. Hopefully, he will remain active in promoting soccer to young players.


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