It has been 20 years since the incident but details recently emerged that while playing for Napoli and badly wanting to leave the Italian soccer league, Maradona had signed a contract with the French club Olympique de Marseille for a deal that was worth less than 10 million Euro. But alas, Maradona never moved to [...]

When Fernando Torres is not busy scoring goals and winning games for Liverpool he makes commercials for dog training schools. The evidence can be seen in the video below. Torres acted in the commercial for or friend which proves that the soccer star is more than just another overpaid athlete.

Thank you, come again! Not! This must be what Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich thought when he sacked Brazilian manager Scolari. The former Brazil and Portugal coach joined the London club in June 2008 as a replacement for Jose Mourinho who moved to Italy and Inter Milan at the same time. When he arrived, Scolary was [...]

David Beckham’s return to the MLS after what was supposed to be a brief stint at Serie A is turning into a Greek tragedy as the player wants to stay in Europe and LA Galaxy wants him back to the USA in March. I should remind you that David has been in Italy since December [...]

Making deals in the January transfer window is a risk for any club. If you’re buying players, you have very little time to bring them in and make sure they gel with the other players in your team. Also, there are many complications surrounding players, for example, a player becoming ineligible if they have all [...]

The January transfer window always turns out to be a hectic time for all clubs, whether they are interested in purchasing players or having to fend off teams in able to keep their stars. The cash-strapped teams in the major leagues are always in for a tough ride in January, while wanting to keep their [...]

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