Sebastian Leto Argentine soccer playerIt doesn’t look good for Argentine midfielder Sebastian Leto who is currently playing for Greek club Olympiacos on loan from Liverpool. The player joined the Greek side in August of 2008 on a 1 or possibly 2 year loan because he was not able to obtain a work-permit in England to play for his club Liverpool after his Italian passport was revoked. When Leto joined Olympiacos everyone, including the player were ecstatic to have him there. Leto plays the same position as team legend Predrag Djordjevic who is currently possibly playing his last season of soccer.

Leto did a great job replacing Dordevic on the wing after the latter suffered numerous injuries that have kept him off the field for most of the 2008-09 season. The young player showed off his talent and speed in a number of games becoming an important component of the team that so far has dominated the Greek Super League (for yet another season.) But alas, Leto is young and upon his arrival in Greece took little time to get into disagreement with team manager Ernesto Valverde.

At first, Ernesto was dissapointed with Leto because the latter did not work hard enough at practices. After some small punishments, Leto improved and as the season progressed became an important player for Olympiacos especially after the loss of Djordjevic early in the season. Rumors were that both the Argentine player and his new team were happy together and that there was a strong possibility that the player would remain in Greece for another year; Olympiacos was seriously considering purchasing the player to replace the soon to retire Djordjevic. Unfortunately, things are not going as planner. The disputes between the player and team manager have continued.

The apogee of these disputes was yesterday when Leto accidentally hit Valverde with a soccer ball after the latter had sent him to the dressing room for not putting much effort at practice. Sebastian was disappointed that he was kept off the team last weekend for the classic Greek derby between Olympiacos and Panathinaikos (the game ended in a draw changing nothing to the current Super League standings.) Apparently, Sebastian was upset with his manager’s decision and on the way to the change rooms he started kicking balls left and right. One of them, bounced off another object and then hit the manager in the back. Considering that team owner Socratis Kokkalis want to keep Ernesto as a manager for at least another year, it is likely that the player will be heading back to England or another team in April when the season is over.

This is very unfortunate because this player is absolutely needed in Olympiacos. I really hope that the two sides will find a peaceful resolution to their differences and both Ernesto Valverde and Sebastian Let will stay at Piraeus for many years to come.

Update: Leto has signed with rival club Panathinaikos starting in the 2009-10 season.


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