In soccer, playing defense is hard work. Not only you have to deal with the other team’s strikers who almost always happen to be very skilled but you also have to be careful not to score in your own net. Sometimes the pressure is too much and something has to give.

Eskisehirspor’s centre-half Emre Toraman had a really bad day last weekend when he accidentally scored two own goals in the span of 45 minutes to lead his team to a 2-1 loss at home against Bursaspor in the Turkish soccer league! As you can see from the video below, after the first own goal, his teammates felt sympathetic towards him; after all, mistakes do happen and he is not the first soccer player to score an own goal. After he managed to score the second own goal, well, I don’t see anyone being very sympathetic with him anymore. I guess the fact that in that play he received the ball with no pressure from the opposing team’s players and instead of calmly controlling it and kicking it away from his team’s net, he decide to kick the ball towards for a corner kick I presume. Disaster for his team and himself followed. Very sad!


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