So Arsenal huffed and puffed their way into the semi-finals of the FA Cup last night. Coming back from a goal down at home late on with a controversial goal that looked offside. Hull City manager Phil Brown (who early on in the season was something of a breath of fresh air in the Premiership, honest and cheerful he wasn’t criticised in the media like you see Ferguson and the like being subjected to every day of the week) was unhappy and he had a right to be. But then it emerged that Cesc Fabregas (below, who didn’t even play) was being accused of spitting at Brian Horton, Hull’s assistant manager.

Fabregas tries his new 'Streets of London' hoodie look.

As with any incident of controversy concerning his players Arsene Wenger mysteriously goes blind and to back this up uses a number of phrases: “I did not see the incident”, “My contact lenses just slipped out so I had to put them back in, coincidentally at that precise moment one of my players apparently broke one of the opponent’s legs with a two-footed challenge. I’ll have to check the replay to see if it was a red or not.” and “Sorry errrr I don’t speakerrrr le English”. Whether or not Fabregas did spit at Horton his claims of innocence were made a little less believable by looking at his apparel. The “white guy trying to look like a menacing black guy whilst wearing a hoodie but just ending up looking like Casper” look really doesn’t help when trying to plead ignorance.

The accusation will most likely blow over although Phil Brown is starting to sound like Sam Allardyce, annoyingly smug when his team win but pathetically whiny when his team lose to an goal that’s anywhere near the word ‘questionable’. Hull now look and hope that they can get the required number of points to stay in the Premiership whilst Arsenal look to cement their place in the 4th Champions League spot, actually try and win the Champions League and try to win the FA Cup. If they can get 2 out of 3 then their season will be something approaching a success especially if they can manage the Champions League. However if that’s too much for them the FA Cup looks promising.

They now have to play Chelsea in one of the two semi-finals whilst Man United play Everton in the other. Both are being played at Wembley which has caused fans of United and Everton to question why their tie’s on Sunday 19th April at 4pm, thus making it difficult for both sets of fans to travel down to London and then back up to the North before having to go to work the next day. The Arsenal – Chelsea tie is being played the day before and most neutrals are praying (praying!) that Everton somehow beat the Red Devils to avoid:

a) A repeat of the 2007 Final between Man United and Chelsea, a final so dull that the winners (Chelsea) should have been given the ‘Dour, Defensive and Bloody Scared to go Forward Cup, sponsored by e.o.n’ instead of the FA Cup due to the fact that that game did no justice to the prestige of playing in the FA Cup Final. A final only surpassed in dullness by

b) A repeat of the 2005 Final between Arsenal and Man United. If anyone remembers watching this game then fair play to you, personally I fell asleep in the middle of the second half. Arsenal, who were missing Thierry Henry due to injury decided to play one up front and defend. And defend…and defend some more. They completed their mission by winning the resultant penalty shootout but in the process sent the country (including all of it’s insomniacs who were thankful for a cure) into a deep, deep sleep. Whatever happens I fear that the watching public won’t win, finals are now taken so seriously that teams are so scared to lose that they don’t go forward to win because that might mean they lose. Who says football’s a man’s game?


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