For anyone who didn’t watch the Wales v Finland World Cup Qualifier (Group 4) game on Saturday afternoon here’s a recap: Wales, lacking any kind of talisman in the midfield, floundered and were out passed by a superior Finnish outfit. Before the game all the talk was of Wales needing a victory to keep themselves in the hunt for 2nd place in the group and therefore a play-off place (everyone in the group knows that Germany have top spot sewn up) and when this didn’t happen and they lost 0-2 this happened:

“They’re [Finland] not a good side and you’ve probably seen two poor sides trying to contest this group and none of us have a glimmer of hope of qualifying and that’s a fact after what I’ve seen today. Where do we go from here God knows we’ve just got a lot of games to play and we’ve got to try and get as many points as we can but it’s the same old story, out of a group…We’re just poor to be honest.” The reporter then asked what they could do against Germany on Wednesday night: “I don’t know we’ll just try and get over this today, I don’t know what I’m going to do in the next hour to be honest, I don’t know.” – Craig Bellamy interview after the loss.

Oh come on Craig things can’t be that bad. Sure you’re out of another major tournament without troubling the top of the qualification group but at least you get to go back to a cushy £50,000 a week pay packet at Man City. There’s no need to look like you’re going to cry. There, there, chin up, you can cry after Germany stick 5 past you on Wednesday.

So Bellamy said things are basically over, you expect that from him, wherever he goes he’s a disruptive influence so if he says something out of line it’s not a big surprise. When you hear it from manager John Toshack then you think ‘God is anyone in the Welsh camp going to say that they’ve got to fight for every point and that it’s not over until it’s over?’. I mean it’s obvious that it is over but you don’t say that do you!

Here’s a few of John’s gems:
Reporter: “Are all hopes of qualifying dead now?”
JT: “Well I would think so yes, being realistic…”

Or how about:

Reporter: “Is this your most disappointing moment as Welsh manager?”
JT: “No, no I’ve had lots of disappointing moments…”

If I was the head of the Welsh FA I would have waited until after this game before offering Big John a contract extension (one which he duly signed). That kind of defeatism from your head honcho can’t help team morale can it?


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