If yesterday’s Champions League Round of 16 game had been a 90 minute game Arsenal would have been booed by their fans as they went off at full time and Wenger would have been facing more criticism. Nicolas Bendtner would have been hounded out of North London for having the touch of a donkey and [...]

It’ s at this point in the season that things start to look bleak for teams in the bottom half of the Premiership, 3 quarters of the season has gone and all are fighting off relegation. This season however, it’s slightly different. The teams you would expect to be doing badly (Wigan, Bolton and Fulham) [...]

There are two Ronaldo’s that are famous and currently active soccer players. One is the well known Cristiano Ronaldo of Manchester United and the other is the well known Ronaldo of Corinthians who spent years playing in Europe only to have his career almost ended to soon because of several severe knee injuries. After a [...]

Here we go again. Another English footballer has been arrested after consuming large quantities of alcohol and acting like a dick. The latest here is Chelsea’s Ashley Cole who was arrested in London yesterday for drunken behavior and disorderly contact. The lad had a few too many drinks at some charity event and got a [...]

It doesn’t look good for Argentine midfielder Sebastian Leto who is currently playing for Greek club Olympiacos on loan from Liverpool. The player joined the Greek side in August of 2008 on a 1 or possibly 2 year loan because he was not able to obtain a work-permit in England to play for his club [...]

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