So after Saturday’s debacle against Finland I predicted Wales would crash and burn in the Millennium Stadium on Wednesday which they duly did. However there was some hope for Wales and Welsh football in general after their performance against the Euro 2008 runners-up. They lost 0-2 (and it could have been much worse) but were looking dangerous at 0-1 before the Germans scored via an unfortunate own goal (great finish by the way, I heartily recommend it for a chuckle). Unfortunately though this leaves Wales in the inevitable position of being half way through a qualifying campaign with absolutely nothing to play for, a situation they’ve been in a worryingly large amount of times for a nation who’s best footballers play in the English leagues. To put this situation into perspective even Iceland, a country 9 times smaller in terms of population, have a better chance at qualification than Wales. That’s got to hurt, being beaten (in terms of final standings) by a country which does nothing but fish.

Wales are currently the laughing stock of the United Kingdom; England are laughing from the top of their group having won all 5 of their games, Scotland are laughing at the fact that they’re for once not being laughed at and Northern Ireland are also laughing from the top of their group after back to back wins. Not only this but things could get worse for Wales, their next qualifier is against Azerbaijan in Baku. That’s a fixture just waiting to be a humiliating upset, if you lost to Azerbaijan then everyone would laugh at you and rightly so. After that they have Russia at home (which will probably end in a loss if the last two home games are anything to go by), Finland away (again a loss especially if Finland carve Wales up like they did on Saturday) and finally Liechtenstein away (this depends on how low moral is, I wouldn’t bet against the country that must do most of it’s training on ski slopes). After that they’ll just have to regroup and wait for the next major tournament qualification. And repeat the performances of this tournament.


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