Rumors from Italy are that Adriano’s 8 year career with Inter Milan will be coming to an end soon. So soon in fact that it could happen in the next 24 hours. The event that triggered the events was the player’s refusal to return to Italy and join his team after a brief absence to play International soccer. Adriano claimed that he needed a break from soccer. He simply no longer enjoys playing.

What a sad and unprofessional behavior. Adriano and all the other millionaire soccer players are professionals, i.e., they are paid to do a job part of which is to entertain the spectators. If he lost the joy of playing then too bad. I lost the joy of doing my current job years ago but I still do it and do it well because I am a professional. This type of behavior from professional athletes is simply unacceptable.

That said, Inter is not letting Adriano off the hook that easily. Since his leaving entail breaking the contract with his team, Inter will very likely specify very stringent terms. They are not willing to let the 27-year old player go to a competing club and if that happens it will be for a very steep price. Not many teams are willing to pay crazy money for players this year because many have been hit hard by the recent worldwide economic downturn. Alternatively, Inter may demand that the player not play for any other European club and force him to join a team in Brazil instead. Finally, Adriano is very likely to have to pay some hefty price to Inter for not honoring his contract.

Not matter how the relationship between Inter and Adriano comes to an end, the biggest loser is likely to be Adriano. Inter stands to save 12 million getting rid of Adriano an amount that also includes the hefty fee the player has to pay the team for breaking his contract expiring in 2010.


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