Unless you live under a rock, you already know that Barcelona very comfortably subdued the London club to capture their 3rd Champions League title in history and second since 2006. The miracle team made the final game look easy for them. After the first few minutes of the game with Manchester United having control and bombarding the Catalan net with shots, Barcelon took over and never looked back scoring two goals in the 10th and 70th minutes and keeping pocession of the ball for the majority of the game. The English boys could do very little to score on their own practically giving up during the last 20 minutes of the game.

Let’s face it. Most people would have predicted that Barca would have been victorious at the end of this match but few would have predicted that they would do it so easily. The Spaniards were so comfortable keeping pocession of the ball all over the park that Man U players seemed to run around like chicken with no heads for most of the game.

Then again, this is the same team that dominated Real Madrid in their home scoring a massive 6 goals having captured the Spanish title realistically since January. I think Man U should consider themselves fortunate that the boys from Spain stopped only at 2 goals because I have the feeling that if they wanted they could have scored many more. Messi was dominant on the pitch and so was Eto’o. Cristiano Ronaldo tried hard especially early in the game but the rest of his team seemed lost. Substitute Tevez was probably the only other Man U player who played his heart out but it was not enough.

Messi is going to win all the awards next year and he deserves all of them. He plays well with little arrogance and he doesn’t bitch as much as the other phenomenom Ronaldo. Rumors that the latter might be making a move to Real Madrid are once again making the rounds. Of course, he can always move to Madrid so he can continue to be second to the all might Barcelona.



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