Kaka never sleeps. Just a few days ago, he was in South Africa celebrating Brazil’s win at the Confederations Cup and today he is in Madrid for routine tests and the official presentation like a Hollywood star at Bernabeu in front of 50,000 delirious Real Madrid fans. Kaka will be wearing the number 8 on […]

Most people predicted that Brazil would win first place at the Confederations Cup after favorites Spain lost to the US in the semi-final. However, I don’t think that anyone expected the win to come in such a thrilling way. Maybe the Brazilians felt like paying tribute to Michael Jackson or maybe they just didn’t realize […]

In what was Brazil’s worst game in the tournament, South Africa failed to capitalize on numerous chances often denied by goalkeeper Cesar and eventually lost to an unimpressive Brazil on an 88th minute goal. Alves who entered the game in the 82nd minute scored the winning goal from a free kick 21 meters away from […]

All the media is buzzing about French striker’s Djibril Cisse move to Athens for Panathinaikos soccer club. According to media reports, the Marseille forward is on his way to Athens on a private jet to sign with the team for what is the largest sum of money ever paid to a soccer player in Greek […]

It had to happen some time but, honestly, I didn’t think it was going to happen against the USA team. Spain finally lost a game after winning 15 in a row and going 35 games undefeated. It was the Americans’ grid and determination that ended the Spaniards’ winning streak and not necessarily their exemplary skill. […]

Yesterday was a sad day for Italian soccer fans but a great day for Brazilian and American ones. After Brazil’s victory over World Cup holders Italy and a surprise win for the USA over Egypt, the two teams from the American continent advanced to the next round of the Confederations cup while Italy and Egypt […]

Spain achieved a world record 15-game winning streak when it defeated South Africa at the Confederations Cup finishing at the top of Group A in the competition. With this win, Spain now has 1 game more than Brazil the previous record holder for most wins in a row. Moreover, Spain is undefeated in 35 consecutive […]

While the most expensive signing in soccer history, i.e., Cristiano Ronaldo, was partying it up with Paris Hilton in Las Vegas, the second most expensive and probably most talented soccer player active today Kaka was leading his country to victory over Egypt at the Confederations Cup. (In my opinion, Kaka and Barcelona’s Messi are the […]

Defending European champions Spain had no problem crashing New Zealand in the 2009 Confederations Cup opener currently taking place in South Africa in preparation for the 2010 World Cup. Liverpool striker and Spanish international Fernando Torres scored 3 goals in the span of 11 minutes (in the first 17 minutes of the game nonetheless) to […]

This is probably one of the most unexpected events to ever take place during a soccer game. Sure, a number of unfortunate people have suffered heart attacks during games and have unfortunately perished in the process but few have been brought back to life by an internal defibrillator seconds after their heart stopped. This unlikely […]

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