This is probably one of the most unexpected events to ever take place during a soccer game. Sure, a number of unfortunate people have suffered heart attacks during games and have unfortunately perished in the process but few have been brought back to life by an internal defibrillator seconds after their heart stopped. This unlikely event happened to Belgian soccer player Anthony Van Loo whose life was saved by his internal defibrillator that acted a few seconds after his heart stopped in the 44th minute of a relegation game.

The year before, the 20-year old Anthony had been diagnosed with a heart condition that should have spelled the end of his soccer career. After the doctors installed an internal defibrillator he was allowed to continue playing soccer. This technological miracle saved his life earlier this month when Anthony collapsed on the field and his heart stopped beating for a good seconds. The video below shows the events that transpired; notice how a motionless Anthony is brought back to life by his internal defibrillator.


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