Spain achieved a world record 15-game winning streak when it defeated South Africa at the Confederations Cup finishing at the top of Group A in the competition. With this win, Spain now has 1 game more than Brazil the previous record holder for most wins in a row. Moreover, Spain is undefeated in 35 consecutive games since 2006. And for good reason since the Spaniards have both a group of players with incredible technical skills and great teamwork. The question in everyone’s mind at this stage is how far can they stretch their winning streak? I, for one, would not be surprised if the finished the Confederations Cup undefeated. So far, they have shown that they are the better team in the tournament. In the next round they could face World Cup holders Italy but fear not because the Italians have not played good soccer in South Africa and it doesn’t really look like they are going to do much better in the rest of the tournament.

That said, Spain reached the world record winning streak with two second-half goals by David Villa (who also missed a penalty kick a minute before scoring the winning goal) and Fernando Llorente who solidified Spain’s victory at the 72nd minute of the game. Cesc Fabregas was easily the man of the match working tirelessly in the midfield, assisting in the second goal and according to some statistics connecting 91% of his passes.

For what is worth, South Africa also moved on to the next round as second in the group. A scoreless draw between Iraq and New Zealand brought much happiness to South African fans who saw their team continue in the competition despite the loss to Spain.


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