brazil soccer playerMost people predicted that Brazil would win first place at the Confederations Cup after favorites Spain lost to the US in the semi-final. However, I don’t think that anyone expected the win to come in such a thrilling way. Maybe the Brazilians felt like paying tribute to Michael Jackson or maybe they just didn’t realize how determined their North American opponent was but they certainly were surprised early in the game finding themselves 2 goals behind a well organized US team.

Indeed, scoring the first goal in the 10th minute (Clint Dempsey) of the game and a second in the 27th minute (Landon Donovan) with a strong defensive formation that prevented the South American stars from reaching the net, the US looked poised for the big surprise of winning the cup after a miserable start to the tournament. But it was not meant to be because Kaka had yet to sing his final song.

After an incredibly disappointing half for Brazil, the tables turned with the second half kickoff. Just a minute into the game Luis Fabiano scored Brazil’s first goal on a great turn and shot from the top of the box. The same player scored the tying goal in the 74th minute after Kaka made a great run from the left, crossed to Robinho who hit the crossbar, and then Fabiano headed the ball into the net from close distance. With Brazil dominating the game since the start of the second half, it was only a matter of time before they scored the winning goal. And ten minutes later at the 84th minute, Brazil captain Luis scored another header from a corner giving Brazil the much needed victory and 3rd Confederations Cup.

Kudos to the US team who managed to go this far and too bad that they couldn’t keep it up for the last 45 minutes of the tournament to bring home the trophy. But even more kudos to the Brazilian team who did not give up and pushed hard to win this thriller match. Kaka once again was Brazil’s best player and I can’t wait to see him play for Real Madrid this coming soccer season.

For completeness, Spain defeated South Africa in overtime to claim third place in the tournament.


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