Kaka never sleeps. Just a few days ago, he was in South Africa celebrating Brazil’s win at the Confederations Cup and today he is in Madrid for routine tests and the official presentation like a Hollywood star at Bernabeu in front of 50,000 delirious Real Madrid fans.

Kaka will be wearing the number 8 on his back. Interestingly, he avoided taking the number 5 which Zidane wore when he was playing for Real Madrid; apparently, the young star wanted to prevent any comparisons between him and the French superstar. Fans were so excited about the young star, that thousands of jerseys were sold before the number was know. The team now offers to add the number for free in a move certain to please the crowds.

Just to remind you, Kaka transferred from AC Milan last month for 67 million Euros. The Brazilian is the second largest signing of the season for Madrid with Cristiano Ronaldo taking first place. But if you ask me, Kaka is going to be the real star for Madrid.

The below video shows a small part of the presentation with Kaka talking about his move to Spain, signing autographs, and showing off his new jersey.


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