Yes, yes, yes, Ronaldo is here!

This is what 80,000 Real Madrid fans chanted at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium last night when Cristiano Ronaldo was presented to them after passing the medical examination with flying colors and signing his new contract.

To remind you, Ronaldo became the most expensive soccer player transfer in the history of the sport last month going from Manchester United to Real Madrid for nearly 131 million dollars. His transfer price eclipsed that of Zidane when he signed with Madrid almost 10 years ago.

The 80,000 people who attended the presentation was also a new world record. The previous record was the 75,000 fans who welcomed Diego Maradona in Napoli many years ago in 1984 on his transfer from Barcelona. The numbers are also much larger than those from Kaka’s presentation last week.

Ronaldo is going to be wearing a jersey with the number 9 on his back. During the press conference that followed his presentation, Ronaldo said that he would have preferred the number 7 but he was happy with number 9 as well. Needless to say, CR9 jerseys are flying off the selves in part justifying Perez’s bold move to sign the Portuguese star. This of course considering that unemployment in Spain is close to 19 percent. At least the Spanish people have something to cheer about.

Enjoy the below video from Ronaldo’s presentation (for those of us who could not be there.)


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