Carlos Tevez Argentina soccer playerAfter the loss of Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid, Manchester United has now lost another prolific player Carlos Tevez who decided to sign a 5-year contract with city rival Manchester City after spending 2 seasons with Man United. While playing at Old Trafford on loan from West Ham after a storied arrival in the Premier League due to registration troubles, Tevez lifted two Premier League titles. Having played 99 games for Man United, the Argentine striker scored 34 goals which is not bad considering that he never managed to earn himself a permanent spot on the starting eleven.

And maybe this is the reason why he refused a Man United 5-year contract and instead signed with their next door neighbors. Tevez simply wants playing time. He knows he can help any team with his scoring abilities so why waster the best years of his soccer career sitting on the bench at Old Trafford. That said, chances are that Carlos sees the end of Man U’s supremacy in the Premier League after the loss of Ronaldo and he just want to join a club that has a chance of being competitive. Man City’s owner has money to spend and the team is still targeting a number of high profile players such as Arsenal’s Emmanuel Adebayor.

Finally, it could be that City offered him more money than United and he just wants to maximize his earnings. After all, he has won a number of European titles and maybe all he wants now is a World Cup under his belt. He will be in South Africa next summer on behalf of Argentina and lets face it, he is better off with a team getting plenty of playing time in preparation for the biggest show on Earth.

And this happened as Ferguson was handing Owen the number 7 jersey.

Carlos Tevez highlight video below.


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