Manchester City continues last year’s spending spree trying to bolster their lineup for the upcoming season. A couple of days ago, they announced the signing of Togolese striker and South Africa 2008 player of the year Emmanuel Adebayor for 41 million dollars from Arsenal. The player signed a 5-year deal with his new team leaving Arsenal behind him. This is the second major striker signing for Man City after the successful completion of Carlos Tevez’s transfer last week. Just like Tevez, Adebayor felt compelled to declare that he did not leave Arsenal for the money but for the better, more organized team. And I will be the next Pope, no doubt!

Manchester City has also expressed great interest in signing Chelsea defender John Terry and Barcelona striker Samuel Eto’o. The former is not likely to go through because Chelsea won’t let their captain go for any amount of money. And the latter is not likely to happen since Eto’o is most likely to go to Inter after a swap with Zlatan Ibahimovic. The only thing holding back this transfer is Samuel’s pay demands who is asking for 15 million Euro to break his Barcelona contract and 10 million Euro a year pay from Inter. If he gets what he wants, he will be the best paid soccer player in the world, even better paid than Cristiano Ronaldo. Are Inter willing to pay such a high price for Eto’o? The deal should be finalized one way or another any day now, so we shall know soon.


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