David Beckham was not well received upon his return to MLS as LA Galaxy hardcore fans booed him nonstop during his first appearance back after a 5-month trek in Europe on behalf of AC Milan. Beckham played his first came back in a friendly match against the Italian team but Galaxy fans greeted him with signs showing their disapproval of his dissing their team and running off to Europe for half the MLS season.

Some of the signs read, “Go home fraud,” “Hey Becks, Here Before You, Here After You, Here Despite You,” “23: Repent,” and “Is evil something u are…or something u do?”

Beckham made everything worse when he moved towards the stands and confronted the angry fans. In video footage (see below) we can briefly see the English man making an obscene gesture towards the fans and then asking them to come down to fight with him. One fan jumped down to meet him but security got in the way and removed him from the stadium.

For someone who has angered soccer fans more than once, you’d think that Beckham would know how to handle such a situation. His behavior is unacceptable and the MLS should discipline him just like UEFA would in a similar situation. And at the end of the day, if he doesn’t want to play in the USA (as he has stated indirectly a number of times since crossing the Atlantic) then he should take his game back to Europe or retire once and for all. AC Milan have expressed interest to bring the star back to Italy for one last season and I am certain a deal could be worked out with Galaxy considering the current situation. At the end of the day, all Beckham really wants is a chance to go to South Africa with England next summer and he knows that unless he plays in Europe again this year, he is not likely to make the cut.

Why in the world did he think that moving to MLS was a good idea to begin with? His experiment failed. Admit it and move David.


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