Samuel Eto'o soccer playerIt looks like Eto’o finally got what he wanted, a huge transfer from Barcelona to Inter Milan. Media reports that the striker is heading to Italy for a physical on Monday. After he passes the test which no doubt he will, Eto’o will most likely sign a 5-year contract with the Italian team receiving 10.5 million Euros per year in compensation. He also hopes to still squeeze some money out of his now former Spanish club as compensation for ending his contract 1 year too early.

Eto’o won two Champions League trophies with Barcelona, one in 2006 and one this past year in 2009. He scored 130 goals in 200 games with the Catalan team while he has scored 242 goals in 379 games throughout his entire career. No doubt, he will be scoring lots of goals with Inter this coming year since it is well known that scoring in Italy is far easier than in the other top European leagues.

So, what does this mean for Barcelona and their front line? Well, it looks that Inter’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic will be the new striker as he has already left the Inter camp in the USA to move back to Sweden in preparation for the transfer. The Spanish club is rumored to have offered 50 million Euro for Ibrahimovic which means that they really want to acquire the striker.

It is amazing how many soccer stars have moved teams this year; and it is even more amazing the amount of money teams are willing to spend to acquire these players!


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