A dark day for soccer today as Espanyol’s captain Daniel Jarque suffered a heart attack and died in the dressing room after a pre-season training session in Italy. The sad news come 2 years after Sevilla defender Antonio Puerta died of heart failure during a game. It is not known what lead to Daniel’s heart attack. It could have been some birth defect unknown to him and the team’s medical team or it could be caused by dietary supplements he was consuming with or without medical advice. I am certain more details about the root causes of his death will be revealed with time.

It is unfortunate for the young midfielder who was selected as team captain this summer and had a promising career in years to come. Heart failures in soccer seem to be very common in recent years which makes me wonder as to why. Anthony Van Loo is one of the lucky players to know if his heart condition and have his life saved by an internal defibrillator.

R.I.P. Jarque.


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