Wayne Rooney Manchester UnitedManchester United are back to their winning ways lead by Wayne Rooney who is about to become a much wealthier man. First, in their third EPL game of the 2009-10 season, Man U destroyed Wigan Athletic with the emphatic 5-0 score at DW Stadium. All goals were scored in the second half of the game with Rooney leading the charge scoring the first two for his team. Manchester now have 6 points in 3 games and are temporarily sharing first place with Arsenal, Manchester City, Chelsea and a few others.

It is good to see them rebound from their loss to Burnley a few days ago and even score some goals after the loss of Cristiano Ronaldo. For the record, Man U had only scored 1 goals in their first two games forcing some to suspect that letting Ronaldo go was a huge mistake regardless of the amount of money earned in the transfer.

Rumors also have started circulating that Rooney who still as 3 years left in his contract will soon be given a sizable raise in recognition of his contribution to the club. The pay increase will also make his salary competitive with respect to what other top soccer players receive in the Premier League. Other than a nice reward for the young star, chances are that Man U managers are worried that the player will jump ship to another club if offered more money. They are probably trying to protect their team from such unfortunate circumstances and I can’t say that I disagree with them.

In the meantime, the predictions of many that Arsenal are the favorites to win the Premier League title this year have been further reinforced after Arsenal’s massive 4-1 win over helpless Portsmouth. That is, Arsenal have already scored 10 goals in the first two games of the season. If they keep this up, they might achieve a new record for most goals scored in one Premier League season by a club.

In the meantime, Manchester City also doubled their victories for the new season and Chelsea are expected to do the same tomorrow against Fulham. Also, it will be interesting to see if Totenham will be able to keep up with the leaders in their tilt against West Ham tomorrow.

All things considered, I have to admit that the EPL looks like it is going to be far more interesting to watch than previous years that were dominated either by Manchester United or Chelsea. Spending huge amounts of money several teams have become competitive enough to challenge for top place. Honestly, I was not very fond of teams spending extraordinary amounts of money to buy players but if it makes the game better (and it looks like it does even though we are still at an early stage of the competition) then I say spend, spend, spend.


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