Luca ToniThe relationship between Luca Toni and his Bayern Munich manager Louis van Gaal has reached the boiling point, and it seems like one of them is going to have to go. The Italian has had a rocky time at the German club since signing from Fiorentina two years ago, and despite a good start, he has been plagued by injuries and left out from the first team this season.

This prompted him to make these comments that would lead to him being suspended from the squad:

“I have had problems with him (van Gaal) for four months now and there is a limit to everything. Our relationship is as good as over.”

“I wish all the good in the world to Bayern. I would like to return to play in Italy to score the goals which would get me back into the national team. I am still the striker who has scored the most goals (of those still active) for the national team.”

Usually I am of the opinion that players should do their talking in training or on the field, but looking at Bayern’s situation it is hard not to agree with Toni. Van Gaal has also been unwilling to utilize the club’s record signing Mario Gomez, and as a result Bayern find themselves in 7th place in the Bundesliga and on the verge of crashing out of the Champions League. It is clear that a lot of things are not working and a club of Bayern’s statue should not be in this position.


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