Arsenal trainingA week ago I wrote about Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger feeling quite unhappy about some of his players keeping their eye on the World Cup—well, now he is positively furious. And for good reason, as his top star, Robin Van Persie, is expected to be out for up to five months after picking up and ankle injury in a friendly game for the Netherlands.

What is worse, however, is that according to Wenger, the Dutch initially minimized the injury and said that it would only take six weeks to heal. The wrong prognosis means that Van Persie can only come back for the end of the Premiership season. Wenger fumed:

“We have just found out that it is much worse than what they told us. If a player gets injured with his country he should be sent back to his club straight away to be checked out by their doctors, not by those of the national team.

“Countries just take your player away for a friendly and then give him back and say: ‘There you go’. It doesn’t happen in any other sport. It’s a joke and is so disrespectful.”

This time, it’s hard not to sympathize with Wenger. It seems like every time Arsenal are picking up momentum, their top player either gets injury or wants a transfer. They looked like a genuine title threat this season, the Van Persie blow, followed by Sunday’s 3-0 home defeat to Chelsea, looks to have knocked the stuffing out of them. The only thing they can really do is what they have always done—search for a new young talent to burst onto the scene and give them new inspiration.


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