We all know that football is a crazy game, and that’s why we love it. You’ll be hard pressed, however, to find a more bizarre match in the past couple of months than Borussia Mönchengladbach’s 5-3 win over Hannover 96 in the Bundesliga this past weekend. The amazing thing, though, is not that there were eight goals scored, but that Hannover scored three of them in their own net.

The video above shows highlights of the goals, including some huge missed chances, but the own goals at the 1:22 and 3:22 marks are truly some of the best (or worst) ones you’ll see. We’re not talking about rebounds off a defender or last-gasp clearances that end up in the back of the net—we’re talking about clean, almost calculated strikes on goal that any striker would have been proud of.

Equally as amusing are the guilty players’ reactions. Constant Djakpa’s own goal (maybe the best/worst one) prompts him to fall horror-stricken to the ground, head in hands, as if wanting to wake up from a nightmare. Karim Haggui can only laugh when he scores his second (yes, second) and last goal of the game, and why not? By that point, if you can’t laugh at what’s going, you have to cry.

The pitch doesn’t look to be in that bad of a condition, but looking at most of the goals, you have to wonder whether there was an ice hockey ring beneath the grass. In any case, one can only wish for more amusing games like this. Unless you’re a Hannover fan.


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