No, no, Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has not transfered to the very wealthy Uzbek League on behalf of FC Bunyodkor. or at least, he hasn’t followed in the footsteps of Rivaldo, Zico,and Luiz Felipe Scolari yet. But Ronaldo did make an appearance in Uzbekistan for the hefty fee of 600,000 Euros.

If anyone believes that having lots of money stops people from selling themselves to the largest bidder, you are mistaken. Then again, we are talking about the same player who left Manchester United for a truckload of cash that I bet after the first half of the season Real Madrid have probably regretted paying.

At any rate, FC Bunyodkor have money to spend as they try to bring worldwide attention to their lowly soccer club with a stadium that seats less than 9,000 spectators. Ronaldo did fly to Uzbekistan and he did participate in some skill showing competition. Watch him in the video below juggle a ball with a young kid.


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