Pep Guardiola

Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola has stalled over a new contract at the club, apparently waiting to see who the new president will be after Joan Laporta steps down this spring. It almost sounds a bit ridiculous to suggest that after leading Barca to an incredible six-trophy season, there are questions over his future, but you never know in football. It has been reported that several top European clubs are keeping an eye on the matter, but nothing so far suggests that negotiations have broken down.

Laporta explained Guardiola’s position:

”Pep needs adequate time to reflect and come to a decision that is very important in a person’s life. He has managed for the best time in the history of Barca. He realizes that he has the responsibility to keep winning. For him, this renewal is a vital issue and not sports and family life, you must have the conviction that we can keep winning.”

But few would have any doubts as to Guardiola’s ambition and determination, and it seems like the problem stems from control over transfer decisions. Currently Guardiola shares responsibility with Barca’s sports director, and he may be holding out for the opportunity to be solely in charge. If that is the case, then they must absolutely comply. He has more than proven himself as a manager, and he should not be limited in any way. Even after one season he is already a legend for what he has achieved, and with him Barca are really starting to dominate world football.


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