Merseyside_derbyMerseyside clubs Everton and Liverpool continue debating whether to build a joint stadium or not, as for a while now they have been looking to move out of their respective grounds.

The main reason Goodison Park (Everton) and Anfield (Liverpool) have been deemed inadequate, is that they are simply not big enough and not generating enough income to sustain Europe-chasing sides. Goodison hosts 40 k fans, while Anfield has room for 45 k, but both clubs are certain they can increase their match-day attendance by at least 15 000 fans.

It has become a reality that you need massive, massive amounts of funds to ensure yourself a steady challenge season after season in the Premiership, and unless you have billionaires for owners like Chelsea or Man City, you need to find the money from somewhere. Both Everton and Liverpool are working on the problem, but the thing is that new stadiums will cost a lot of money in the first place.

Everton have offered their rivals the proposition of building a joint ground and sharing it like Inter and Milan do San Siro. So far, however, Liverpool have rejected the offer and insisted on owning their own stadium. This may come as a surprise to some, given the uncertain nature of Liverpool’s current financial situation. The debate amongst the fans of both clubs rages on though—do you help your most bitter rival out for the good of your own club? Or remain stubborn and distance yourself from them as much as possible?


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