“Beckham is small.”

This is what Italian TV personality Elena Di Cioccio proved with one of the most memorable stunts in the history of soccer (and probably television.) The blond Le Lene presenter decided to check the theory that David Becham’s trousers house a rather enormous set of genitalia; his wife, a former Spice Girl, has nicknamed his privates Golden Balls.

Giorgio Armani’s advertising billboards show a rather well endowed Beckham causing many to postulate the use of computer enhancement techniques at the “you know what” area of his body. All Ms Di Cioccio wanted to know if the legends have any basis on reality.

So, she put on a pair of yellow rubber gloves and waited for the right moment during an interview. With no hesitation and with a wink to the camera, she reached out and groped a stunned Beckham who run off to his car and drove away like a little lady in distress. Shortly after, Elena announced the findings of her experiment.

E piccolo, Beckham. I touched it but it’s small.

He is small and it was all a lie. If I was in David’s place, I would restore my honor by inviting Elena to my home where I would proceed to rock her world a few times in a row. Then, I’d ask her to measure again.

Enjoy the video of the funniest and most daring stunt in Italian TV history. BTW, welcome to Italy Becks!


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