ZicoBrazilian football legend Zico has been left horrified by life as manager, after being sacked by Greek side Olympiacos after only four months in charge. What is worse, he appears to have found out not from representatives of the club, but from the internet:

“I don’t understand the decision to fire me at all. We had good results, so I never saw this coming. The worst thing was that I found out about the club’s decision to sack me on the club’s official internet site. I’ve never seen anything like this before in my life. Some legal representative came to my house to tell me that I was fired. They have treated me as if I had done something wrong.”

To top it all, fans of the former Greek champions were so furious with their recent performances, that they invaded the pitch during Zico’s last game, a disappointing 0-0 draw at home to Kavala. Zico again described the trouble he witnessed:

“Before the match, vandals invaded the field, fought with the police and other people,” added Zico. We heard bombs exploding and our team was stuck in the locker room one hour before the game´s start, afraid about what could happen if we got out.
At corner kicks, plastic bottles and objects were thrown into the field and everybody was a potential target. During halftime, the vandals that invaded the field again showed destroyed chairs.

“I didn’t imagine to live a situation like that. I had to go to the press conference with ten security guards protecting me. Our bus was escorted by a dozen police cars. I had the feeling that we were fugitives.”

“A friend told me that I should take a year’s rest with my family. That´s exactly what I´m going to do.”

Reports like this don’t do Greek football any favors, and suggest that there is perhaps some way to go before the country is ready to host a major international tournament, as it wants to.


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