nike total 90 laser III
Soccer’s top goal scorers depend on a great soccer boot to enhance their performance and shooting accuracy; the new Nike Total 90 Laser III soccer boot has incorporated these elements through a precision and comfort focused design. This soccer boot surpasses all previous designs as it has been designed strategically to enhance every aspect of a striker’s game. The Total 90 Laser III boot offers plenty of comfort without sacrificing accuracy and power. Nike designed it for scoring as many goals as possible, providing laser-like precision and high soccer ball velocity every time.

Nike’s Total 90 Laser III has evolved many elements from previous soccer boots aiming for more power and better precision.

  • Highly evolved Shotshield
  • Enhanced instep pods
  • Shape-correcting memory foam
  • Raised TPU fins
  • Kanga-lite synthetic leather

The evolved Shotshield of the Total 90 Laser III allows the player to shoot the ball using any part of the foot without losing much needed accuracy; the instep pods provide constant pressure on the ball upon impact, while providing maximum shooting velocity and superior precision. The shape-correcting memory foam as well as the dynamically designed lacing system offers a smoothing of the foot surface allowing for better power and accuracy allowing the striker more control over the ball’s trajectory. Additional control is provided with the raised TPU fins. The Kanga-lite synthetic leather of the boot provides comfort and a supreme fitting to the foot.

Nike have created a great soccer boot as the Total 90 Laser III is a superior offering for supreme performance. The power and support provided by the boot is incomparable to all others without sacrificing the overall comfort and flexibility. Every element of the boot is methodically designed to enhance goal scoring, putting more force and control behind the ball.

Expect a major advertising campaign to go along with the introduction of the Total Nike 90 Laser III with several soccer superstars showing off their enhanced skills with these boots on their feet. Wayne Rooney and Rio Ferdinand are already starring on Nike’s new viral advertising campaign.


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  1. croden on June 8th, 2010 1:16 pm

    this is wow.

  2. Andrei on March 31st, 2011 11:00 am

    just bought it, awesome boot even for rugby!!!! NIKE is the best!!

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