Italian defender Marco Materazzi sure knows how to celebrate a victory. Serie A’s massive derby this past weekend saw Inter beat second-placed AC Milan 2-0 and uphold their top spot in the league. After the end of the game, Materazzi, who was on the bench, put on a rubber mask of Silvio Berlusconi, Italian Prime-minister and owner of Milan, and went on to dance around with his teammates on the pitch.

The incident has generated a bit of controversy in Italy, with Materazzi being accused of mocking and being disrespectful to Burlusconi. The Inter Milan player, however, who is most famous for his head-butt to Zinadine Zidane in the last World Cup finals, has defended his celebrations and claimed they were only in jest. Whether Burlesconi himself and the AC Milan fans see it that way, is another matter.

The incident was described in the referee’s report, and at first it looked like Materazzi might face a sanction. The good news for him, is that it does not seem like the Italian FA will punish him too harshly, and will only let him off with a warning. Which is, by all accounts, the correct decision. I don’t know if it will be enough to discourage such practices in the future, but then again there aren’t that many players that possess this level of “creativity”.

Watching the video below, it does seem like a rather strange choice for celebrating a victory, but it looks more harmless than offensive:


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