When things aren’t going your way, they aren’t going your way. Premiership club Portsmouth are rooted at the bottom of the table and find themselves in a financial crisis, which has gotten so bad that they are not only failing to pay their staff on time, but they have been forced to shut down their official website, and can’t even pay their electricity bills for the stadium’s lighting anymore. To complete the fiasco comes news that the Premiership manager caught visiting a brothel in Southampton two months ago was none other than Pompey manager Avram Grant.

With a wife and two children, this is sure to bring more negativity onto the club at a time they really don’t need it. The report is only coming out now due to the landmark case that lifted the media gag on John Terry’s extramarital affair, but ironically it is Terry that must be feeling a bit relieved now that he has someone else to take the shameful attention off him. As they say, misery loves company.

Grant admitted his visit to reporters, but the club have stood by their manager and said they didn’t want to comment and spoil the current “fighting spirit” at the club. Seems to me, though, that Pompey will need a bit more than zest to get out of their current situation. In fact, things seem so bad right now, one wouldn’t be surprised seeing the entire team hitting the brothels and forgetting their worries at the end.


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