Following Chelsea’s disappointing 1-0 loss at home vs. Inter in the Champions league, which knocked them out of the competition even before the quarterfinals, captain John Terry has demanded action finally be taken to address the standard of refereeing in the competition.

Expressing his frustration, the defender blasted German referee Wolfgang Stark, who appeared not to give Chelsea a number of clear fouls in the game. The situation reminds of Chelsea’s elimination last year at the hands of Barcelona, where Drogba was also sent-off and huge controversies surrounded the decisions in that game as well.

Terry has called upon his club to launch an official complaint and investigate maters in UEFA, which undoubtedly is the way many Chelsea fans must be feeling, and millions of others who have seen refereeing mistakes cost their own clubs dearly. It is easy to sympathize with his anger…but it’s all a little bit useless, isn’t it? There is a system in place that does not care for change or any criticism on its behalf, and Chelsea or not, they are not going to make an exception.

Perhaps all this shows the pressure on the Chelsea’s players’ shoulders to finally get that coveted Champions League crown for owner Abramovich, whose money has transformed the club in recent years. How long will his patience last, and how long will he keep on pouring money into the club? It’s a question you feel many at Chelsea must be asking themselves, and Terry’s anger might be a clue that things aren’t as calm as the club would have you believe.


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