It’s been an interesting number of weeks at West Ham United, though that’s probably not how supporters of the club would describe it. After a string of unfortunate losses, including a 3-1 home defeat at the hands of Wolves this past week, the Hammers found themselves on the verge of the relegation zone. Players admitted the dressing room was in bad morale, the fans chanted for manager Gianfanco Zola to resign, but the most controversy was generated by one of the new co-owners of the club, David Sullivan.

In an open letter to the fans, Sullivan voiced his outrage at the “pathetic” way the team have been performing, both as a unit and as individuals, but pleaded for their support in these testing times. This action, however, angered Zola and a number of the players, who feel that the owner shouldn’t be speaking negatively of them in public.

It led to further speculations over Zola’s job, but the whole situation seemed to wind down when Sullivan said he is fully behind his manager. They tried to mend things in preparation for yesterday’s life-or-death game at home vs. Stoke City, to try and finally get that win to give them peace of mind. The result? 1-0 to Stoke.

West Ham are a club in crisis if there ever was one, and drastic changes need to be made to arrest this freefall they are in. Would a new manager so late in the season be of help? Well, soon they might not have much else to lose.


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