Michel Platini has confirmed he will stand a second term as president of UEFA if he is reelected next year. The question wasn’t really whether he would quit or not, but whether he might set his sights at the FIFA position. However, the legendary Juventus player has stated that he is very happy at his current job, and would like to do four more years.

It is interesting to try and analyze Platini’s achievements in his first term. Perhaps the biggest change that he will bring will only come into effect in the 2012-2013 season, when clubs will only be allowed to spend the money they generate for themselves. This is bad news for clubs like Chelsea or Manchester City, who rely on their billionaire owners to buy them their world-class squads. Chelsea at least seemed to have established themselves at the top though, so they will have been able to take full advantage of Abramovich’s money before the new rule comes into effect. This will also effect other top European clubs of course, but we are yet to see the details of how it will work.

Also during Platini’s reign, the UEFA cup got renamed to the Europa Cup and given a new format, which seems to have rejuvenated interest in it just a little bit. One good thing that can be said about him is that he is always seeking for new ways with which to give smaller clubs a chance to compete.

The standards of officiating in Europe still remain under scrutiny, however, and Platini’s reluctance to use goal-line technology or any means which can improve it is something I would like to see change.


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