Football fans can get really angry when things aren’t going their way, and one particular set of supporters that has been livid with their team’s performance as of late has been Juventus. The club is doing very poorly in Serie A, and won’t be able to achieve anything significant this season, which is unacceptable for a club of its stature.

Some fans, however, deem their recent performances, including a 4-1 trashing away to Fulham that knocked them out of the Europa Cup as more than “unacceptable”. As the team were heading out their hotel towards the bus before their game against Atalanta, they were jeered by a number of supporters who had to be held back by police. One fan managed to sneak his way through, and slapped Jonathan Zebina in the back of the head.

The defender wasn’t really hurt, and got on the bus safely, but who knows what could have happened in that situation. Fans should be free to voice their opinion, and booing the team when it is not doing well may or may not work, but physically attacking the players is crossing the line by any standards. Nor can one imagine how it would help the player play better.

Juventus did go on to beat Atalanta 2-1 later that day, but that has hardly cooled down the fans’ anger. The video (in Italian) shows the incident in full, where the police do a pretty good job at keeping the situation from escalating even further.


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